The Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Spa Uniforms

8 Oct, 2021

A spa represents an oasis of calm and tranquility, so it’s only fitting that the people who work there need to also be serene and comfortable in their work. Professionals in this environment also need to look chic and in keeping with the luxurious surroundings of a spa, with every team member from the front desk staff to the manicurists having a consistent style and aesthetic.

Five-star service is what customers are looking for in this kind of setting and spa uniforms offer a highly professional appearance for every staff member. Due to the kind of work involved for spa employees, particularly when talking about roles like massage therapists, the need for apparel that’s comfortable, breathable, and with a great range of movement is also necessary.

A Reassuring Aura Is Provided to Customers

Another important aspect that’s addressed by a top-quality spa uniform is perception. When visiting this kind ofspa-gorsel-4 establishment, customers need to have confidence in the skills of the staff that serve them. Sure, it may not be quite as vital as is the case in the aviation industry, where the perception of safety is paramount, but spa customers still need to be provided with an aura of professionalism.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the important things that need to be considered when deciding upon the ideal spa uniforms for your own business’s needs. By reading to the end, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the things you need to be looking for during the process. So, if you’re ready and sitting comfortably, we’ll begin.

“Will My Brand Benefit From High-Quality Spa Uniforms?”

In the eyes of any potential customer, your spa uniform is one of the most important and most overlooked elements there is when it comes to your brand. Rather than being a peripheral matter or a finishing touch to your company’s brand image, it’s integral.

They form part of your company visibility, every bit as much as any other part of your internal decor, so when you’re deciding upon your spa uniform characteristics, it’s vital that this is taken into account. This means going for a color scheme that promotes a feeling of wellbeing in a style that adds even more value to your brand.

spa-gorsel-5“What Types of Materials Are Best For a Spa Setting?”

The materials you choose for a spa uniform need to meet certain criteria. Firstly, they need to be comfortable, so as to ensure your staff is happy in their work, no matter how far through their shift they are. Secondly, they need to be functional in that they allow them to carry out their work comfortably and silently, so materials that ‘swoosh’ when moving is not ideal.

Other characteristics that spa uniform material needs to have is stain-resistance (possible options include spandex, nylon, and polyester), breathability so that spa staff doesn’t sweat unnecessarily and machine-washability, meaning the apparel in question is durable enough to retain its smart, professional look for many months of wash/wear cycles.

“Does Colour & Style Matter That Much?”

Colour and style absolutely matter, with factors like sleeve length ultimately proving critical to how well spa staff is able to carry out their duties. Typically speaking, a simple ‘scrubs’ design is the most used option, as a style that’s too ‘busy’ will likely seem overpowering in this calm and tranquil locale.

A popular style of spa uniform is a short-sleeved option, as long sleeves can feel too tight over the arms and hidden buttons can offer the ability to adjust fitting for the various different body shapes. Pockets can be useful for storage, but only when non-stretchy material is used, as it can droop when even just a little weight is placed inside.

In terms of colors, the exact types of colors aren’t necessarily that important, so long as they fit your brand colors. However, as we mentioned earlier, a white or light-colored, pastel choice is most often best for spa use, but it can be a matter of choice, especially if oil stains show up more on one particular shade or hue.



“What Quantity of Uniforms Should Be Bought & How Frequently?”

Ordinarily, you should be looking to buy three uniforms for each full-time staff member - so as to allow them the time to wash those they’ve worn. When it comes to renewing the uniform’s style, a good rule of thumb is to do so every three years or so - with the important insight being provided by the employees that have been wearing them.

Your employees are a valuable source of information when it comes to the practicalities of the uniforms you purchase, as they will have spent hundreds of hours working on them. By getting their opinions, you might find out something you didn’t know, such as more pockets being required or their previous necklines were too high. It just makes sense to include their input.

“What Degree of Personalisation is Needed?”

The levels of personalization required for spa uniforms will depend on your own personal tastes, however, the option you choose can have a bearing on the relationships your therapists have with their clients. You could just have your brand logo embroidered, but if you were to go that step further and add each person’s name it can help staff to create stronger bonds with regular clients.

A well-designed, distinctive logo can be enough on its own to differentiate your company from your competitors. Your uniqueness is a key tool to use to expand your customer base, with an easily recognizable style living much longer in the minds of clients who become that much more likely to recommend your services.




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“Can Spa Uniforms Make Staff Roles Easier to Identify?”

When you have a multifaceted team of spa personnel, it is possible to define a set of colors for each kind of role. For example, you might have senior technicians wearing a dark-colored tunic, with your apprentices wearing a lighter coloring. Salon managers, however, could be given white linen dresses that provide a professional and comfortable aesthetic.

Whether talking about these roles or that of your clinical team that performs non-invasive beauty treatments, you can make each department of your spa easily to identify for team members and customers alike - further heightening your company’s professionalism.


The Ideal Option Is Out There - You Just Need to Find It

So, as we can see, spa uniforms really do transcend mere workwear, as they’re very much part and parcel of your marketing and brand image. It also plays a central role in the comfort and happiness of your spa teams, as a well-chosen blend can actively motivate and engage everyone who works for you.

So, when selecting your best options, be sure to include every factor we’ve mentioned in your final decisions, as they have a real bearing on your success.


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