4 Reasons You Need Bespoke Transportation & Logistics Uniforms

7 Sep, 2021

There’s no doubting the fact that the logistics sector is one that plays an integral role in any industry’s supply chain. Whether talking about pharmaceuticals, white goods, or electronics, haulage, and delivery operators are able to take care of that most important step - getting a company’s goods to its clients.

During Covid-19, logistics was one of the few industries that had to keep moving at full speed, such is its importance to the wheels of commerce. It’s a sector that’s set to explode in the coming years too, with a global logistics market that was worth $7.6billion in 2017 expected to grow to a staggering $12.9billion by 2027 - representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5%.


Global logistics market  expected to grow to a staggering $12.9 billion by 2027 


However, this kind of meteoric growth is not without its challenges for everyone working in the sector, who typically have a lot on their hands. There’s a heavy emphasis on productivity, efficiency, and prompt delivery, with the main aim being the safe transportation of goods from the supply chain to the end-user.

So, the concept of team uniforms, it would seem, would be quite low down on the list of priorities. The expense involved with running a new uniform program is quite hard to justify - until you realize what they represent to your employees and your customers.

With that information on board, it becomes immediately evident that employee uniforms matter - and well-designed ones are worth every penny spent. Why? Well, that’s what we tackle now, as we present 4 compelling reasons why bespoke transportation and logistics uniforms are such a great commercial move.


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Reason #1 - Attract and Engage Skilled Staff

The logistics sector is one that’s currently facing a significant lack of specialized personnel and skilled manpower, something that’s echoed around the world. Due to the emergence of modern logistics technologies, there’s an increasing need for technically skilled personnel to understand and operate it - making finding the right people more far more difficult.

The result of this is high staff turnover, increased training costs, and the underperformance of existing employees. Because of this, it’s vital to attract the relevant skilled manpower and one way to do this is with a bespoke uniform. This works by making employees feel like they are part of something bigger, something ultimately worthwhile.

Smart, custom-made uniforms engender a feeling of ‘team’, allowing staff to feel more connected to the company they work for and the brand it represents. When transportation and delivery personnel wear well-designed, well-fitting uniforms made from premium fabrics, they feel more confident and valued. It puts a spring in the step that's noticed by your customers, albeit at a subconscious level.



Reason #2 - The Comfort and Safety of Overstressed Delivery Staff

Due to the heavy burden carried by the logistics sector, overworked and overstressed delivery staff is a very real problem. The industry as a whole faces a major under-staffing issue, leading to those currently in the industry have to work that much harder and longer to meet multiple, time-bound delivery deadlines.

Naturally, burnout is commonplace, with many leaving the industry because of the stress and strain of the position. Comfortable, flexible, bespoke uniforms can help warehouse, transportation, and delivery staff feels happier in their work, as a result of the clothes they’re wearing being able to support them in every way the role requires.

Then there’s the matter of staff safety, with anyone working in a setting that calls for it, needing to wear bright reflective vests to improve visibility and minimize the potential for accidents. A uniform should provide freedom of movement, even when wearing protective overwear like this so that staff can fulfill every one of their responsibilities without restriction.

At the same time as meeting all of these criteria, a logistics uniform should also look neat, unwrinkled, clean, and well-maintained at all times. When talking about the warehouse, courier, and distribution personnel, certain specific considerations also need to be made. Hazardous conditions and physical labor are just two more of the issues that premium bespoke uniforms can overcome.


Reason #3 - Achieving the Desired Work Efficiency

The practicalities of counter staff working at a variety of locations require a layered solution for both male and female employees. Therefore, shirts and blouses can be combined with jackets and knitwear to provide the necessary levels of comfort and professional team appearance.

In addition to looking crisp and professional, garments need also to be functional. They must be able to withstand long hours of hard work while still looking clean and pressed, a challenge that changes from role to role. For instance, delivery staff needs workwear suitable for use in all weathers and seasons with garments such as rain-proof outer coats and breathable polo-style shirts.

Completed with a range of setting-appropriate safety accessories like fluorescent vests and hard hats, high-quality uniforms are able to meet all of these functional needs while also looking professional and aesthetically pleasing in a way that’s distinctive and in line with your corporate identity.


Reason #4 - Meeting Customer Expectation & Building Brand Perception

Essentially, high-quality uniforms set the bar and when everyone from the CEO to the staff in the warehouse is dressed in a sharp, unified style, customers get a positive impression, with high standards being set subliminally in the mind. Perception is a big deal and it’s consistently and positively reinforced every time anyone sees a member of your team.

Also, when employers provide perfectly fitting, premium work uniforms a standard of dress is established. Customers know exactly what to expect when they see it. Think of the last time you arrived at an airport and saw the Starbucks uniform or had a parcel delivered by a UPS driver in their instantly recognizable branded clothing. It sets high expectations in the mind. You know what you’re going to get.

Being able to identify employees by their uniform also helps to improve customer service - a particularly valuable commodity in an age of automation. Customers seeing and recognizing a uniform like this appreciate knowing who each delivery driver is and the company they represent. Do you get the same experience when an unbranded box truck is driven by delivery staff in t-shirts? Unequivocally, no.


The Bottom Line - It Makes Complete Commercial Sense

When considering the value and need for high-quality bespoke logistics uniforms, the bottom line is that it makes commercial sense. Sure, there’s a certain level of time, effort, and investment that goes into the process, but the rewards are clear and numerous.

Improved corporate perception, enhanced employee comfort, safety, and engagement, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced staff turnover is just some of the benefits on offer. The cost of implementing a bespoke uniform design program pales into insignificance when a company enjoys these advantages.

Once in place, your premium logistics uniforms can be adjusted over time to meet workplace changes and revised safety standards to ensure that all these metrics are always where they should be. Is it something you should consider?

We think so for all the reasons mentioned, but that’s ultimately for you to decide.



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