What if you can measure your staff for uniform ONLINE?


The best-fitted uniform program starts by taking the most accurate measurement of your employees. But why is it so difficult to size someone correctly and how we can do it now?


Revolution on staff sizing for uniform & corporate wear


It is always a challenge to order the correct size of uniform for your hotel staff or your airline crew. If you are not an expert tailor, you may end up giving the wrong measurement. You may choose to ask your employees, but they may inform you with the size they ‘’think’’ they are rather than they really are! And since you don’t select the talents according to their body types but their skills, you can’t expect them to be models or standard size, however, it always causes some discrepancies on selecting the correct uniform size. If you achieve to capture the accurate size, this time the style fits depend from one uniform supplier to another.

During our 25 years journey in the bespoke apparel industry, we have solved this problem by providing our clients physical measurement sessions. We were traveling locally or internationally with our service team of tailors and size garment sets. Our clients were coordinating all their employees to be present on tide-up time schedules, in a big room with changing cabins. Long hours of trials, waiting in queues, etc…

Today, where technology is the only way of being and doing things, tech companies searched for an online solution for this matter. The demand initiated from the retail market, and their online stores. They noticed the buyers who can’t guess their best fit and order two sizes from the same garments. And when they select the best fit in their homes, they then return the other pair to the stores. The exponential growth in return stock, its difficulty, and the cost of putting these returns back to sale inventory, have almost bankrupted a few online stores.


As DressBest Uniforms, we developed our own mobile measuring application, db size! We are the first uniform company to adopt this technology in the industry. With the most advanced 3d body scan technology developed according to our company sizing algorithms and user-friendly features, db size allows you to capture the best size of your employees regardless of their location, time, and the mobile device they have.


  • Contactless body measuring by simply taking two photos
  • Time and cost savings
  • Management board for data tracking and updating
  • No more traveling, less carbon emission, better environmental impact


Watch the video to find out how it works 



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